Consignment Payment Plan

A contract term known as a Consignment Payment Plan is the perfect finance solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners that need assistance over a period of 3 or more months. Short or long term, you save. Agreeing to a payment plan at this level gives your assistant the freedom to play the pro-active team player.


* A budget plan that is affordable
* Lower hourly or project rate by [10% to 15%]
* A team commitment to meeting your business needs


* Prerequisite of 15 hours per month
* No roll over of hours unless contract is 20 hours or more
* Term 3 to 6 months
* Renewable for additional 3 month term at end
* Retainer equal to (1) month required

"Making the decision to invest in a term contract was the best thing I could have done for my business. Diane helped me save money and never wasted a moment of my time." Larry Busch

"Fifteen hours a month sounded like a big commitment, but I am glad I made that choice. Diane's management system kept my cost level." A. Sync

Sign a Year Contract and Save 25 Percent

There is a plan for everyone. The Consignment Payment Plan makes budgeting your labor expense easy, and with an additional ten percent savings on a year contract how could you go wrong. Click here to request a formal proposal today! Or call 586-615-0656 and speak with a representative.

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